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  3.     Kageyama trying to smile + Reactions

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    "The Devil’s Playground"

    I had this picture in my head ever since I read the early draft of the second part of the Fictionist’s story, or maybe even the first…

    In the low flicker of light, some might have sworn to have seen the imprint of dark wings shadowed against the wall as he claimed his ill-won prize.


    Harry started awake, flailing in the sheets, one arm lashing out to attack, bleary eyed, turning – and then he froze. The boy’s gaze moved over his wings, the nails that sharpened to claws on either side of his head, the eyes that burned scarlet on Tom’s face. The terrible, inhuman form of beauty, difficult to look at for any sustained length of time.

    "… Riddle?"

    He straddled Harry’s hips with a deceptive casualness, tore straight through the duvet in one swipe that could certainly slice into muscle and sinew just as easily.

    He could hear Harry’s heart pounding, a heady symphony. Could barely think straight through the haze of rage clouding him.

    "I should kill you."


    An other inspiration and the original pose reference was Antonio Canova’s Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss


    Altogether, I no longer care about the faulty anatomy or whatsoever else that could be done better. To my own surprise I am just genuinely enjoying drawing on the tablet pc, thus my intention to forward whatever WiPs I have lying around to this new drawing source and have a go. So also the “Butterfly Heart” one…

    As they say, you need to practice for 10 thousand hours to be good, so I shall practice xD


    <3 Oh my god, thank you! The wings are my favourite part, they look bloody amazing.

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  5. Awesome Mix Vol. 1

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    I write to Sherlock because he’s the only person on the planet I can really talk to, he writes to me because I’m the only one he can talk to, the only one he can ever truly relate to. 

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  7. I’m not happy when I’m writing, but I’m more unhappy when I’m not.
    Fannie Hurst (via writingquotes)
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a personal favorite from David Jones


    a personal favorite from David Jones

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  10. Victory is yours. But it does not please you.

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